Concert - Performance


RA cSessions is an activation of the Salon Mommen that will take the form of concerts, performances, exhibitions and the unexpected.
For this first edition we present:

RA cSessions

Ateliers Mommen
“A la dissipation du sombre,
A la passion de l’ombre,
A la pacification du nombre,
A la vibration du présent”

9/9/2023 – 19h30

Nyati Mayi: voix, lulanga

« From the Kivu volcano to my blood, strings on wood unveil the language before the
languages, where Rythm is Life, where nature heals”

Link: youtube/watch?v=OkE5sAofqKc


Lázara Rosell Albear: drums
Paed Conca: clarinets

Paed Conca

Plays clarinet and bass. Since 1989 he works as a musician, composer and
improviser. He writes Music for theater, film, dance, small ensembles and plays in a
lot of different projects and composed and performed from 1989 on with groups like
Lougaroo, So Nicht, Otolithen, THAU, TSUKI, BLAST, Best Before, City of Salt, Under
the Carpet, GAMRA, Conca Högberg Bergman Sartorius Quartet the Quartet with
Axel Dörner, John Edwards and Fabrizio Spera, PORTA CHIUSA, PRAED, The Mad
Laboratory of Anti-Mattar and in many more… Paed lives and works between Beirut
and Switzerland.

Lázara Rosell Albear

Lázara Rosell Albearis a Belgian-Cuban artist, graduated from the Royal Academy
of Fine Arts Ghent medium Film, year 2000 and co-founder of the MahaWorks
organization. Her practice blends a multiplicity of means of expression, combining
sound research, performance, film, drawing and installation. She has been/is the
catalyst of projects such as Dark Speeches, Invisible Cities, the art ensemble de
brussels and Small Metal Gods alongside her personal process based research.
Embodied, Affect, Intuitive, Autoetnographic, Plurisensoriality, Arhythmia,
Questionings. Member of Ateliers Mommen Collective, she has received a Bunkacho
Fellowship 2002 (Japanese Ministry of Culture), DIVA – Danish International Visiting
Artist 2011 and a residency at the Wiels Center for Contemporary Art 2016. She
plays drums, pocket trumpet, shô & electronics.



(elektronica artist Wendy Mulder)


from Middle Dutch onruste, equivalent to on- (!un-”) + rust (!rest”). !
Compare English unrest, turmoil »
1. (uncountable) unrest (state of agitation)  »
2. unrest, upheaval (agitated situation)  »
3. balance wheel  »
Onrust is the solo project of Belgian self-taught electronic artist Wendy Mulder
(1979). !
In the past eight years, she’s has been successfully exploring analog synthesis,
computer drumming and sampling. Self described as ‘Tantric Techno For The
Restless’, her music combines old-school industrial influences such as Orphx,
Esplendor Geométrico or Cosey Fanni Tutti with a distinct feminine subtlety and
attention to detail and a tendency for groovy psychedelica.


DJ DR GREEN (Wim Christiaens)

Dreamer, Daredevil, Darkling, DJ, DIY promoter

… and also the fool, who tries to send his funny vibrations translated in fine selected
music, energised by FIRE & LOVE, to discover, to listen, to understand, to embrace,
to enjoy, to feel, to sleep, to chill, to dream, to wake, to think, to talk, to walk, to
share, to unite, to dance, to love, to heal, to help and if possible to take action.
Founder DIY organisation CINEPALACE vzw KORTIJK Belgium
Founder VINYL-PALACE record fairs
Co-founder DARK ROOM dark-techno-labo + early-clubbing
PAST co-programmer RATROCK free city music festival Harelbeke
DJ as DR GREEN (since 1990) (music-freak for life)
Shadowman ONRUST, PIT’S BZN VZW (DIY punk club – Kortrijk), KINKY STAR VZW
(DIY indie club – Ghent)