Laura Colmenares Guerra

Visual artist (Bogota, 1978) based in Brussels.

Video has been the central focus of her artistic work. Her research materializes in the form of immersive audiovisual installations that delve into the spectator’s perception of space and image. She is interested in the creation of environments that activate the relationship of the participants with their own body and its spatial perception. Her work relates to the politics of the human body, the matter of body perception and the engagement of the spectator with the artwork.

In parallel Laura has worked as a video performer, starting as a VJ in the early Techno scene of Bogota. Since then, Laura has collaborated with different musicians and composers (Todor Todoroff, Sigrid Vandenbogaerde, Franck Smith, Oliver Coates, etc.) creating visual works, performances and concerts. She’s currently collaborating with Cryptic (UK) in the creation of visual material (mixing different media through advance composite techniques). Next project with the Third Coast Percussion will be showed in July 2016.

Her work has recently been showcased at Kings Place (London,UK), The Glasgow school of arts (Glasgow-UK), the Museum of Contemporary Art of Montreal, Canada, during the International Biennale of New Media Art, at festival Elektra-Mutek, EM15, at the Imperial Theatre of Montreal, Canada, at the Cube – Centre for Digital Creation (Paris, F), the International Computer Music Conference (Huddersfield, UK), Nadine, iMal at the Erasmus Museum and Sint-Lukasgalerie in Brussels (BE), The Festival Crea Numerica in the Games of La Francophonie (Beirut, Lebanon), the Arts Centre in Enghien-les-Bains (F), at City Sonic (Mons, B), during the Ars Musica Festival 2013 at the Theatre Brigittines (Brussels, B) and at the Museum of Bozar (Brussels, B).

Selected Exhibitions / Concerts / Screenings

eVanescens / Musicacoustica – Beijing 2015 / Beijing – China
eVanescens / YU GONG YI SHAN / Beijing – China
Cryptic / Oliver Coates / Audiovisual concert / Kings Place / London – UK
Cryptic / Oliver Coates / Audiovisual concert / The Glasgow school of Arts / Glasgow – UK

Lungs [the breather] / Interactive installation / La Balsamine / Brussels – BE
Beyond the Divide / Audiovisual concert / World Music Days / Wroclaw – PO
eVanescens / Audiovisual concert / Festival Elektra/Mutek / Montreal – CA
Lungs [the breather] / Interactive Installation / Biennal Internationale de Arts Numériques (BIAN) / Montreal – CA
eVanescens / Audiovisual concert / NIME 2014 / London – UK
Beyond the Divide/Oracular/Unravel / Screening / Point Culture / La semaine du son / Brussels – BE
Beyond the Divide -/ Audiovisual concert / Flagey / La semaine du son / Brussels – BE

Lungs [the breather] / Interactive installation / BOZAR / Brussels – BE
eVanescens / Audio-visual concert / INTERNATIONAL CONTEMPORARY MUSIC FESTIVAL / ARS MUSICA 2013 / Brussels – BE
Persona / Theater / LaborGras / Berlin (GE)

eVanescens / Audio-visual concert / LE CUBE – Centre for Digital Creation / Paris – FR
Oracular / Video / Gallery VanderA / Brussels – BE
Beyond the Divide / Audio-visual concert / Festival Deux Visages de la Musique Electroacoustique / Espace Senghor / Brussels – BE
eVanescens / Audio-visual concert / Extension du Corps Sonore / Musiques Nouvelles / Maison Folie / Manege / Mons – BE

(IN)Pulses / Audio-visual concert / Gare Numérique de Jeumont / Jeumont – FR
Beyond the Divide / Audio-visual concert / ICMC / University of Huddersfield / London – UK

Beyond the Divide / Audio-visual installation / Vlaamse Scriptieprijs / The Royal Academy of Science and Arts of Belgium / Brussels – BE
Lungs [the breather] / Interactive installation / CitySonics / Mons – BE
De Vogel en het net / Audio-visual installation / Erasmus Museum / Brussels – BE
Lungs [the breather] / Interactive installation / Sint-Lukasgalerie / Brussels – BE
Unstable Territories / Interactive installation / iMal / Brussels – BE