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Cité Mommen I Résidents I Yvonne Lake

Originally from Nottingham, UK, Yvonne Lake is an artist working with text, performance and technology. Interests lie in how digital technologies are shaping social, literal and visual languages. Recent work has involved the use of motion capture, 3D modelling animation, mobile phone applications, generative art, twitterbots, biofeedback and digital performance. A fascination with testing the limits of both human and machine cognition and making comparisons stems from seeing the potential for revealing the world and its inhabitants in a new light with the use of technology. The method of incorporating new technologies such as AI remains suitably critical whilst also inquisitive of the possibilities for the use of new media in innovating new art forms, and considers the necessity of the artist’s perspective, independent from corporate or political interests, in contributing to dialogues surrounding new technologies and their effects on society. 

Insta: lakeyvonne