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Cité Mommen I Résidents I Lazara Rosell Albear
Lazara Rosell Albear (b. 1971, Cuba) is a Cuban-Belgian artist with a cross-medical practice, ranging from the research of sound and performance to the production of events and films. Exchanges and sharing constitute the essence of her practice. Always aiming to explore and enhance our/your experimental awareness beyond the usual stereotypes, expansion at different levels, at different layers. She explores movement, migration, transformation, interactivity and its effects on the human condition. What is our place in a world we have come to take part of? The advance in technologies has brought us “new” means to work with, broadening also the traditional means of dance, music, and theater. Rather than choosing between these different media, she strives for a contrapuntal togetherness and total immersion – both on the inside and outside. The transformations of the intervals textualize the activated spaces, becoming a sensorial commentary of the intersections in the formation of subjectivities, the personal and universal, interior exterior. Questioning society and the geopolitical contemporary situation. Transgressive. Presence. Resonances. Vibrations. Processes, New worlds. Poesia.
Graduated in the year 2000 from the School of Arts KASK – Gent, Belgium, medium Film. A member of Les Ballets C. de la B in different productions since 1997. Performing in projects of Alain Platel “Iets op Bach”, Koen Augustijnen “Import/Export” and Lisi Estaras “Bolero” and “Soup”. She cofounded the Xmedia organisation MahaWorks in 2001 together with composer, guitar player and digital media artist Simschka Stein after graduation. In 2002 she received the Bunkacho Fellowship – Japanese Ministry of Culture to study traditional Japanese dance and music; learning also to play Shamisen and Sho. 
From 2004-2006 she was production assistant in two productions of Rosas/Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker. In 2011 Trancemediamix II project by Walter Verdin to collaborate with photographer Sammy Baloji (RDC) on the creation of “Bare-Faced” (video installation, photo series, concert/performance). Presented at the VK, Bronx and BRASS (Brussels, 2015), Kunsthaus Dresden (Germany), CAM2 Madrid (Spain) and in November 2016 at “Embedded South(s)” curated by Gabriela Salgado, Zoe Butt and Uyen Le at San Art, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Together with her film "Yoko Osha" (2015) both films were presented at the III Biennale National e International de Arte Desde Aqui in Bucaramanga (Columbia). Also in 2011 received the Danish International Visiting Artist fellowship, collaborating with musician and composer Jørgen Teller and his partners. Part of the performers for “Exhibit B” (Vooruit, Gent, 2013) a project by Brett Bailey (ZA)
Worked with Valerie Oka (CI) and curator Koyo Kouoh (CMR/SN) on the performance “untitled” for the exhibition “Body Talk: Feminism, Sexuality and the Body in the Work of Six African Women Artists” presented at WIELS, Brussels 2015. “The MacGuffin” film, a collaboration with Doris Bloom (ZA) screened at Tate Modern, London, UK, in the frame of the film series "The Film Will Always Be You: South African Artists on Screen" in july 12th 2015. Artist in Residence at Wiels, Contemporary Art Centre for the entire year 2016.
Invited to present the films "Yoko Osha" and "Bare-Faced" at the conference: AFRO-CUBAN ARTISTS: A RENAISSANCE. University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, USA in April, 2016. The film “Yoko Osha” screened at Temporary Gallery - Köln during ART COLOGNE on April 2015, part of the program FILM COLOGNE focusing on Flanders and Brussels. It also screened at Cinema Nova, Brussels in june 2016 before performing her solo "unsurrounded 10.2". Screened at Wiels, Contemporary Art Center on September 10th, 2017 followed by the solo performance "unsurrounded 11". Recyclart Art Center in Brussels presented “unsurrounded 12.0” in the context of Extra Fort project curated by Vincent Beekman on december 2017.
Participated in the group show "Something Stronger Than Me" curated by Rita Mcbride, Willem Oorebeek, Devrim Bayar at Wiels, Contemporary Art Center (Brussels) which opened September 15th through January 7th, 2018. In this evolutive context, Lazara Rosell Albear presentation "Somewhere, Somehow, Somebody" took place from October 24th to November 12th  and  included the premiere of her new film and second part of a trilogy "Yoko Osha: Volume II", drawings, the photo series “Finding the right Blackness” and performances of her collaboration projects “Invisible Cities”, “The Hi Shi Wah Killers”, “the art ensemble of brussels” closed the exhibition on January 7th, 2018 and the unexpected. Currently, one of the 10 artists associated to the prefiguration opening of Kanal Pompidou (30’s Citroen Garage) New Museum in Brussels from May 2018 throughout June 2019. A member of Atelier Mommen from July 2018.