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Cité Mommen I Résidents I Joachim Devillé
Joachim Devillé (Halle, Belgium, 1978) writes poetry, plays experimental music and creates photographs, drawings, paintings and sculptures based on architectural and urban aspects in our society. He focusses on the socio-economical issues using contrasts such as rich versus poor, versus dream and reality, and the multi-layered connections between construction, deconstruction, demolition and reconstruction. His practise results in mysterious black and white drawings and colorfull paintings, archives as well as site-specific works and fictional settings, or a combinations between them.

Opleiding • Education

Beeldende Kunsten / Fine Arts
Sint-Lukas Kunsthumaniora, Brussel, 1995-1998
Masters Schilderkunst / Masters Painting
Sint-Lukas Hogeschool, Brussel, 1998-2002

Selected exhibitions, projects and performances (2007-2015)


"A Silent Dimension", Faculty of Rights KU Leuven (B)
"Need & Error", APT Gallery, London (UK)
"Artenova", D.Art, Mechelen (B) 
"Open Studios", Cité Mommen, Brussels (B) 
"_poem for a white chair and a black cat", Private Room, Ghent (B) - solo
"A Belgian Politician", Marion de Canniere Artspace, Antwerp (B)


"S.R.N.D.P.T.", TETEM kunstruimte, Enschede (NL)
"Surveying", Rewind, Brussels (B)
"Series", Caps, Antwerp (B)
"Goldberg / Une Absence en Appel", Hasselt (B) - solo
"Transformations : site-specific wall drawings", De Hoorn, Leuven (B) - solo


"Not a Straight Line", Fabriekstraat, Brussels (B)
"A Touch of Character", Loopart Deptford, London (UK)
"D.Art", Cultuur Centrum / Mahla / OLV 48-50, Mechelen (B)
"Prix Canson", Petit Palais, Musée des Beaux Arts, Paris (F)
"Fake Fair", Rewind, Brussels (B)
"Joachim Devillé", Zebrastraat Ghent (B) - solo
"Inside Emptiness", Tentoon, 's Hertogenbosch (NL) - duo


"Grote prijs Actuele Tekenkunst", Cultureel Centrum Ronse (B)
"Manifesta 09 Satellite Show", St-Jansschool Genk (B)
"Belgian Emerging Artists", Private house, Brussels (B)
"Art on Paper", Contemporary Drawing Fair, Brussels (B)


"Belgian P(art)", de Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (NL)
"Drawing Connections", Art Institute, Siena (IT)
"The Draughtsman’s Contract",Cypres Galerie, Leuven (B)
"Open Studio", Renold, Brussels (B) - solo


"The Whole Nine Yards", Actionfields Gallery, Brussels (B)
"Orde-Chaos", Klein Begijnhof, Mechelen (B)
"Almost Famous Portraits", Maison du Hainaut, Charleroi (B)
"Déjeuner sur Sable (Blanc)", Vierkante Zaal, St-Niklaas (B)
"Joachim Devillé", drawing performance with music performed by Nadar, Brussels (B)
"Black Mass", animationfilm with music performed by Nadar, CC Kortrijk (B) / CC Sint-Niklaas (B)


"Talent in Beweging", Glaspaleis, Heerlen (NL)
"Rural Encounters", Actionfields Gallery, Brussels (B)
"M’as-Tu Vu?", BELvue Museum, Brussels (B)
"Construction Site", Actionfields Gallery, Brussels (B)
"Joachim Devillé: Black Mass", animationfilm with music performed by reFLEXible, within the scope of Double Booking / Kunstweek Gent, Zebrastraat, Ghent (B) / within the scope of the group show Talent in Beweging, Glaspaleis, Heerlen (NL) / De Markten, Brussels (B) / within the scope of the group show M’as-tu vu / Nuit Blanche, BELvue Museum,Brussels (B)
"Entartung: Black Mass", animationfilm with music performed by Nadar, Logos Foundation, Ghent (B)


"Joachim Devillé: drawings and paintings", Cypres Gallery, Leuven (B) - solo
"Joachim Devillé, drawings and paintings", Q-o2, Brussels (B) - solo
"Joachim Devillé: One By One", video and performance with dance by Kayoko Minami and Barbara Pereira and music performed by reFLEXible, Sint-Lukas Hogeschool, Brussels (B)
"50/25", Cypres Gallery, Leuven (B)