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Cité Mommen I Résidents I Anthony Oliver
I am a British painter based in Brussels. I look at the world around me and Art History as a resource to make paintings. My figurative work contains certain themes which include: how as well as where people live; the search for perfection, Utopian ideals, isolation and fragile beauty. The abstract work pushes my perceptions of what it is possible to accept within painting. Many of the paintings are made in series. The abstract and figurative paintings cross-reference each other technically and occasionally in imagery as the original source material gets recycled. My working procedure for arriving at a finished painting evolves from traditional drawing, watercolour and oil sketches and computer manipulations. Figurative paintings develop from all available sources including my own photographs. These paintings are carefully planned. Although some abstract paintings are also carefully planned, others develop more organically. In these I am responding to the paint itself and chance effects as the unforeseen often has a far greater beauty than I could intend. The result may be a one-off painting or could be the start of a series which runs for years. The potential, for me, is enormous. In every painting, I try to be as craftsman-like as possible. Craftsmanship is, for me, an essential ingredient in creating a work of beauty irrespective of the initial intention. Anthony Oliver